Podcasting their spell over me

This is my first post ever in English. The reason that I chose to write in English this time is that the post is about the movie podcasts I listen to. Most of them are in English so it just felt right to write in English in order for more people to be able to understand what the hell I’m raving about. With that little disclaimer out of the way let’s continue…

If you do an image search for ”podcast” on Google your result page will show six or seven pictures of Filip & Fredrik, at least if you do the search on a computer in Sweden. Filip & Fredrik is a Swedish comedy duo behind a number of entertaining, according to me at least, tv shows. For example, they did a legendary, bordering on scary, interview with Gary Busey in 2004. See a clip of that here.

Although I’m a fan of F&F, the fact is that I’ve never listened to their podcast. However, lately I have become more and more addicted to other podcasts. The subject of these podcasts are of course… FILM! The reason I started listening to these Internet radio transmission, apart from my film interest, is that I bought a smartphone (yes, finally!) a couple of months ago. This made ​​it really convenient and easy to take advantage of the digital sound waves containing talk about the moving picture. It’s just perfect to listen to the during the 40 minutes it takes me to ride my bike to and from work every day.

So, which podcasts do I listen to you might ask yourself? Well, it is all about film of course and below are the ones currently being heard in my Beats Audio by Dr. Dre headphones. In no particular order. I think it’s a nice mix. The title of each podcast links to the shows respective sites.


Har du inte sett den? (Haven’t you seen that?)
This is a swedish podcast where three guys discuss movies in a casual and funny way. They are also part of the Swedish film blogging network Filmspanarna (The Film Watchers or The Film Scouts). Markus is the word pooper, Johan is the nerdy one and Erik is the calm and collected one.

It’s a treat listening to Adam and his co-hosts (there has been three) talk about the latest films. They also do director or theme marathons  a couple of times a year. I’m catching up on old shows and mixing that up with the latest episodes.

Filmspotting: Streaming Video Unit
This is a show hosted by Matt Singer and Alison Willmore focusing on online movies. It’s always nice to hear a female voice together with a male. It makes a good combination. On their latest episode they reviewed one of my favorite films, Persona.

The (title pending) Movie Podcast with Tank and Fogs
I discovered this podcast not so long ago and I think Tank and Fogs are a perfect match. It’s funny, goofy and interesting and the style of the two hosts complement each other perfectly. Fogs has a pretty good singing voice (for example, listen to his epic confession song on forgetting about Watchmen when making a superhero film toplist).

The Matineecast
Torontonian Ryan McNeil talks about movies with his invited guests from all over the world. I recently listened to a very good episode which featured Jessica of The Velvet Café that made me really eager to watch We Need To Talk About Kevin.

The LAMBcast
The official podcast of The Large Association of Movie Blogs (The LAMB) where they talk about all things film, either about a specific movie or other themes. My fellow Filmspanare Joel and Jessica have both appeared and Joel is actually currently in charge of (shepherding) The LAMB.

Here we get in-depth reviews by Dave, Devindra and Adam (plus guests from time to time) and they usually tear a film into pieces, with opinions flying in the air. It’s always fun especially when Dave says something totally exaggerated and Devindra calmly upset says ”C’mon Dave!”. I just love these guys.

Reel Insight
A little bit different set-up here and always nice to hear female voices. In the second part of the show hosts Jess and Rachel focus on the career of a specific actor. Joel has guested at least once and talked about Amy Adams (and yes, Joel, I’ll watch Enchanted… eventually).


There are more filmcasts out there that I’ve just started listening to but I’ll get back to them on a later post. For now, I’m out.

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